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4" Bus Bar Maple Clamp

Cooper B-Line

SKU / Product InfoQuantity
No. of Bars/Leg - 1
No. of Bars/Leg - 2
No. of Bars/Leg - 3
No. of Bars/Leg - 4
No. of Bars/Leg - 5
No. of Bars/Leg - 6

Quick Overview

    Bolted Framing (Strut Systems)

    Bus Bar Maple Clamp

    • Fully adjustable and reusable
    • Provides strength and stability to various support system applications
    • Many UL and CSA Listed components
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4" Bus Bar Maple Clamp

As the largest manufacturer of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems, Cooper B-Line provides an economical solution for virtually any electrical, mechanical and industrial support application. With a complete line of channels, fittings and accessories, we offer one of the broadest offerings of Bolted Framing and Strut Support Systems in the industry. Channel and fittings can be taken apart for reuse as quickly as they were assembled, producing substantial savings in time and labor.

  • Assembly Includes:
    • 1 pr. Maple Clamps (Paraffin Impregnated)
    • 3 pcs. 1/2” Flat Washers
    • 3 pcs. N225WO
    • 3 pcs. SQN-1/2”
    • 3 pcs. ATR-1/2 x L (Length)
Part No.No. of Bars/Leg Wt./C (Lbs.)

Additional Information

Manufacturer: Cooper B-Line

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